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Frequent Questions

How do I apply for funding from SMART?
At this time, there are no plans to make new SMART Fund monies available.

How do I find out about other funders apart from the SMART Fund?
In the resources page you will find a link to Charity Village which has contains up-to-date links to online databases and directories of funding agencies and foundations of interest to Canadian individuals and organizations, plus online tools and resources of value to those involved in prospect research.

I have heard about the "Splash and Ripple" approach to Outcome Measurement. Where can I find out more about this method of using outcomes to design & manage community activities?
In the Outcome Measurement Guide page you will find a PDF copy of the "Splash and Ripple" manual provided to all the programs receiving SMART funding. You may use this manual as a reference for your own program design and outcome measurement.

What programs currently receive support from the SMART Fund?
In the Currently Funded Programs section you will find a list of projects funded by SMART under three categories:

Is SMART funding available to projects that operate outside of the Vancouver Coastal Health region?
No, only projects operating within the geographical boundaries of VCH are eligible for funding.

How do I contact SMART Fund staff?
Our contact information is available on the Contact page.

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