Sharon Martin Community Health Fund - SMART Fund

Sharon Martin
Community Health Fund

The SMART Fund

Currently Funded Programs - Vulnerable Families

Amlat'si Family Place
Collingwood Neighbourhood House Society
Provides opportunities for young Aboriginal fathers and mothers to build support networks for themselves and their young children through a fathers’ support program, a family drop-in, and peer mentor training program which increases parenting skills and promotes Aboriginal cultural.

Building Healthy Families / Respite Childminding Project
Eastside Family Place Society
Increases opportunities for pre-school age children to grow and develop readiness for group care, pre-school and kindergarten.  Reduces  related care-giving stress by providing a child-minding service on a drop-in basis that offers parents and caregivers time apart from their children.

Connecting Community through Traditional Values
Hailika’as Heiltsuk Health Centre
Reduce isolation amongst vulnerable families by building a foundation of social support and community connectedness on traditional values. Elders will receive training to lead community gatherings which support community-based engagement.

Family Healing Program
Warriors Against Violence (WAVS)
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Works to decrease family violence and to increase health and stability by providing culturally sensitive education and the support of positive Aboriginal role models. Provides traditional and contemporary strategies to decrease family violence.

Harmony and Healing
Vancouver Native Health Society
Provides music therapy to a population of Aboriginal children, youth, and families dealing with drug and alcohol issues and those affected by FASD. This program improves social functioning, self-esteem and confidence through participant directed sessions held at Sheway - a program for pregnant and parenting moms, and with Aboriginal students at West Coast Alternate School.

Healthy Connections: Capacity Building Options
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Supports new mothers and young pregnant women who have experienced trauma in their early lives by offering self-help and peer support training. The program focuses on increasing the mother’s ability to form healthy and sustaining relationships throughout their lives.

Nobody’s Perfect Program
Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society
Coordinates and supports 4 Vancouver agencies to provide Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program to low-income and newcomer parents with the intent of strengthening parenting skills, reducing isolation and building community.

Nobody’s Perfect Program (aka: East Vancouver Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program)
Kiwassa Neighbourhood Services Association
Coordinates and supports a consortium of 15 Eastside agencies to provide Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program targeting low-income and newcomer families.  Group facilitation and training materials are provided in Cantonese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Punjabi.

Parent Connections
Richmond Family Place Society
Strengthens isolated families by increasing the capacity of parents to interact in their communities with the intention of positive outcomes for their children. This is implemented through recruiting parent volunteers and training them to become parent leaders and facilitators, and through regular Parent Support Network meetings.

Parents as Teachers
Mid-Main Community Health Centre
Provides parents with timely information on child development, prenatal to age five; involves them in parent-child activities that encourage language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills; and strengthens parent-child relationships. Monthly home visits, group parent meetings, health and developmental screening, appropriate referrals and connection to other community resources are key components of this program.

Parents Together: Vietnamese Mothers Group
Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Greater Vancouver
Provides culturally appropriate peer-support and training in weekly sessions for Vietnamese mothers, enhancing parental understanding and confidence to deal with teen challenges. Reduces parent-teen conflict and encourages cross-cultural friendships and parenting support by helping families feel more connected to each other and their new community.

Powell River Family Place
Powell River Employment Program Society
Offers support for families in the Powell River region with young children (pre-natal to 5 years) to optimize healthy child development by providing a community-based setting that is welcoming and non-threatening which offers opportunities for peer support and learning, participating in community gardening, facilitates access to information, resources and referrals to other services, and builds family resilience and community capacity.

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