Sharon Martin Community Health Fund - SMART Fund

Sharon Martin
Community Health Fund

The SMART Fund

Currently Funded Programs - LGTB2SQ / Persons Experiencing Homelessness / Street Involved / Women / General Community

Education Outreach and Volunteer Services
Promotes the health and well being of LGTB individuals and communities by facilitating participation in self-care and cultural activities, delivery of a range of volunteer-based services, and by increasing access and decreasing barriers through education and outreach within LGTB and mainstream communities.

Generations Project
Addresses the needs of aging and older LGTB people through age-specific and intergenerational program development and delivery, education within the LGTB communities and for service providers, and the development of transferable models for traditional agencies serving seniors. This program helps decrease isolation for aging and older LGTB people and builds community capacity through the provision of age specific assessment, counseling and referral, mentoring opportunities and cross-generational activities.

Safe Choices: Support and Education Program
Ending Violence Association of British Columbia
Addresses the health and safety (physical, sexual, and emotional) of women experiencing abuse in same-sex relationships. The project offers options for intervention and support. It works to remove barriers to health care and social services for women in abusive same-sex relationships in Vancouver by offering  information, health education, community-based support groups, and training for service providers.

Downtown Eastside Bereavement Support Training
Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC
Supports bereavement peer support groups and provides facilitator training in the grieving process to community agencies. Enable these agencies to provide assistance and support to their clients in the Downtown Eastside who are experiencing loss.

Dusk to Dawn
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Provides a safe environment and an extensive, coordinated, and comprehensive social support network for street youth through the engagement of youth volunteers and peer mentors. Assists youth in moving off the street, supports them in embracing healthier lifestyles through skill development and employment initiatives. Youth who are part of the program also take an active role in advising Directions Youth Services on their programs and procedures.

Yukon Housing Centre Support Program
Lookout Emergency Aid Society
Improves the long-term health outcomes of adults using the emergency shelter and transitional housing programs by assisting them to access health and social services, by building their capacity to set and achieve personal goals and by stabilizing them in appropriate housing.

Cross-cultural Peer Support Group for Immigrant and Refugee Women
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
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Provides mental, physical and social support to marginalized immigrant and refugee women who are experiencing long-term and on-going challenges due to difficulties incurred during their integration process into Canadian society. Trains facilitators from immigrant and refugee communities to run peer support groups in their first language.  Support groups focus on mental health promotion with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention of mental illness.

Vancouver Domestic Violence Unit
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
In partnership with the Vancouver Police Department, provides supportive intervention to women and children who are directly affected by domestic violence. Builds organizational capacity to respond effectively to domestic violence, through working in partnerships at both the service and community development levels.

Self-Help Consultation, Training & Support
Peernet Association of British Columbia (formerly: Self-Help Resource Association of BC)
Promotes self-help and peer support approaches aimed at building the capacity of individuals and communities; provides support and resources to self-help and peer support initiatives; and facilitates the development of supportive networks and community collaborations. In so doing, SHRA helps to facilitate healthy and responsive communities that are self-determining.

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