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Sharon Martin
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The SMART Fund

Currently Funded Programs - Mental Health Consumers

Community Economic Development for Consumer Survivors of Serious Mental Illness (Social Enterprise Services Program)
Canadian Mental Health Association - Vancouver/Burnaby Branch
Supports mental health consumers to collaborate to develop community economic development projects which help to enhance skills, self-esteem, and cultivate employment opportunities, thereby decreasing isolation. These economic development projects are known as Consumer Run Businesses. They are community-based businesses that are owned, operated and hired mental health consumers. They offer a supportive and flexible workplace that supports opportunity for personal capacity building and connection to community.

Consumer Involvement & Recovery Support Volunteer Program
Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends Society
Support and enhances  the involvement of mental health consumers, using peer support processes and principles, within a mental health consumer organization. The Program builds and strengthens the capacity of consumers to have an effective voice in the community and in the design and delivery of mental health programs. This program offers supported volunteer opportunities for mental health consumers that enhance recovery, promote wellness, and build advocacy, employment and socializing skills.

Consumer Volunteer Peer Support
Pathways Clubhouse Richmond
Helps mental health consumers improve the quality of their life by becoming active volunteers, contributing to their community.  An important outcome of this project is to help lessen the impact of stigma and fear that surround mental illness by showing just how productive and helpful Consumers can be. The program provides a means for mental health consumers to achieve a greater degree of independence and community integration, and to reach personal rehabilitative goals.

Pathways Clubhouse Chinese Support
Pathways Clubhouse Richmond
Encourages Chinese mental health consumers and their families to participate in culturally appropriate programming and support activities.

Richmond Chinese Mental Health Connections
Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends Society
Offers a peer support training program for Chinese speaking mental health consumers in Richmond.

SEED Program
Kettle Friendship Society
Provides mental health consumers with meaningful work experience, thereby enhancing their quality of life, self-worth, involvement in the greater community, and self-reliance. Where feasible, encourages local businesses to hire mental health consumers.

Unity Housing
PHS Community Services Society
Provides mental health consumers with supportive, secure affordable accommodation within a facility and housing model that supports self-determination.  Elements of this model include: democratic decision-making, community building events, life skills education and support, and becoming actively involved in all aspects of running the housing program.

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