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Sharon Martin
Community Health Fund

The SMART Fund

Currently Funded Programs - People with Physical Disabilities / Persons with Chronic Conditions / Caregivers

Alternative Therapies for People Living with Life-threatening Illness
Vancouver Friends for Life Society
Provides emotional, psychological and practical support to people living with life-threatening illness and help for their families and caregivers. The philosophy of the program recognizes the connection between the mind and body with a view towards treating the whole person rather than treating the illness alone. Its programs and services focus on wellness, a holistic approach to healing, and are intended to complement primary medical care. Offered in a safe, confidential environment these programs are designed to help our members gain control over their health and to reduce the anxiety, stress and isolation of fighting their illness.

Caregiver Support Program
Northshore Community Resources Society
Provides a combination of accessible supports, education, information and referral services that reduce caregiver stress and contribute to the health of the participant caregiver as well as those in their care.

Community and Residents Mentor Association (CARMA)
BC Coalition of People with Disabilities
Provides peer support for people who are currently living in the George Pearson Centre (GPC), institutional facility who wish to explore options for community living or improve the quality of their lives in the facility. Enables Pearson residents to participate in the planning and decision-making using the Eden Alternatives model at GPC. It also provides ongoing support for people as they make the transition to community, enabling them to explore options for housing, supported living and involvement in social activities that build bridges to the community by identifying the capacities and gifts of the Pearson residents and creating opportunities for these gifts to be shared.

Fostering Self-Help, A Community Oriented Dementia Support Program
Alzheimer Society of BC
Targets Chinese families who experience dementia. Provides a link to Chinese-language programs and services of the Alzheimer Society of B.C. including Support Groups, 1:1 Support, Educational Programs, Information Services and Safely Home/BC Photo Registry.

Lil'Wat Healthy Lifestyles and Healing
Mount Currie Band Council
Educates community members on chronic disease management and traditional practices which support healthy lifestyle choices.

Operation Sweet Assassin: Self-Care Management of Chronic Disease
Sechelt Indian Band
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Improves the health and wellness of members of the Sechelt Indian Band living with chronic health issues through support groups that focus on developing realistic self-care management goals.

Pain Self Management
Squamish Indian Band
Provides caregivers the necessary skills to teach self-administered pain management to members of the Squamish Aboriginal community suffering from chronic disease supporting the use of personal self-care plans.

Peer Support Network for People with Disabilities
SCI BC (Spinal Cord Injury BC)
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Supports people with disabilities (especially people with spinal cord injuries) in achieving independence and community integration through the development and implementation of a volunteer peer support network. Provides recruitment, screening, training, matching, and ongoing support of peer support volunteers who assist newly injured people as they move through the rehab process and become integrated into the community.

Vision Rehabilitation Program
CNIB, BC-Yukon Division
Provides early intervention and rehabilitation services for people with visual impairment.  All programming supports personal capacity to live independently to the best of one’s ability.

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