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Our Stories - Conference
Our Stories Conference : Demonstrating Change through Storytelling

On April 11th & 12th 2007 the SMART Fund & Aboriginal Health Initiative Program hosted “Our Stories”, a conference held in Vancouver to explore simple and practical ways to demonstrate change through storytelling. “Our Stories” introduced the concept of storytelling using multi-media methods to express change in health promotion projects and provided many examples of authentic, traditional and contemporary stories told through various means.

The conference brought together 230 participants by invitation including:

The participants worked with Community Artists experienced in different approaches to storytelling. Plenaries explored the power and value of storytelling, how to ensure we are respectful when we share the stories of others, and ways to integrate storytelling into reporting on project outcomes.

Workshops ranged from integrating storytelling into the program planning, to inspiring examples of reporting through stories, to practical “how tos” for storytelling via writing, photography, digital photography, etc.

Conference Kit

Conference Proceedings and Developments

Discover the impact this conference has had and continues to ignite. Featuring full video coverage of the plenaries, key learnings from the conference, photo highlights, sound bytes, a gallery of new initiatives sparked by the conference and much more.

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